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Love & Relationships: Straight Talk with Author Dee Sandersone

Dee Sanderson 

*A relationship filled with love, respect and mutual admiration usually tops the list of what most people hope for in any romance – old or new.   

And with the seemingly endless ways to find and keep love (i.e. books, seminars, counseling, etc.), landing a wonderful mate and great relationship should be a no brainer, right?  Not exactly.   

Establishing new relationships and maintaining them is difficult and often times overwhelming for most people.  And for those with low self esteem, or lack thereof, all hope seems to be lost at the slightest hint of trouble in a relationship.   

Author and relationship expert, Dee Sanderson explains that when it comes to matters of the heart, what most of us are looking for is a quick fix, when what we really need is a reality check.  

“We’ve all been in this place before or for certain we have seen it happen with a friend or family member.  They rush things. Instead of just taking time to get to know someone and seeing what grows out of a friendship they are immediately looking for this instant bond that means they’ve met their future spouse,” she said.  

Sanderson is set to begin a series of articles on love and relationships to be featured in the Electronic Urban Report (EURweb) in April.  The series, aptly titled “Dee’s Relationship Reality Checks” will jump start with a focus on spring cleaning your house and heart.  

Her mission is to impart real advice with straight talk on everything from dating and communication to love and finances.  She will also infuse hot topics and newsmakers in the bi weekly column.  

“I’m not targeting Tiger Woods, but issues surrounding a public figure like Tiger are definitely relevant and worth addressing,” she adds.  

Sanderson has written the definitive guide to avoiding the pitfalls of a bad relationship and surviving the cheating spouse in How to Marry a Loser Without Even Trying.  The book is a humorous, semi-autobiographical look into Sanderson’s tumultuous marriage.  While she details some of the worst aspects of her marriage in the tell-all, Sanderson is quick to acknowledge her mistakes and the need to assume full responsibility in order to begin the healing process and move on.   

“Acknowledge the areas you feel need to change and do the work yourself. Don’t look to other people for that,” she added.  

In a life changing moment, detailed in Chapter 14, Sanderson learns how to bring about the best in her life in the most undesirable circumstances.  

In addition to How to Marry a Loser…, Sanderson has also written several screenplays.   As a relationship expert, Sanderson has appeared on numerous talk radio shows and her advice has been featured in ELLE Magazine,, Black Pearls Magazine, and more.   

Dee Sanderson was born in Queens, NY and is a graduate of the University of Virginia.  She lives in Southern California and is an occasional contributor to blogs and online publications primarily focused on relationships.  For more information, advice, and upcoming appearances visit her at