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All of us have a particular “type” of person whom we find irresistible. But, what makes them irresistible to you? Is it their swagger? Their physique? Their personality? Their money or power? What makes a person irresistible? Well, it’s not so much about them—it’s about you! The things you find irresistible are based on your personal likes and dislikes…the things that move you. Most of us have had situations where we’ve found someone attractive who was not at all attractive to our friends or family members. They may have asked what you see in the person, to which you replied, “I don’t know—there’s just something about her/him.” In essence, the parts of the person that were attractive to you may have transcended the physical. Let’s look at some traits that can make us irresistibly drawn to another person.

Mental & Emotional Connection

Some believe that sexiness begins in the mind. Mental stimulation and an emotional connection must precede physical interaction in order for the deepest connection to occur. Many people are attracted to those who are intelligent, creative, empathic, warm and sensitive. Having someone understand how you’re feeling and keep you mentally challenged can be extremely intoxicating.


Many of us are drawn to people who have personalities that are in stark contrast to our own. If you’re shy, you may be very attractive to a person who is aggressive or assertive. For those who are reserved, you may be drawn to people who are risk-takers. The very conservative may be drawn to those who refuse to play by the rules. Those who are very active may be captivated by a person who is extremely laid back. The concept of opposites attracting is, mainly, based on differences in personality, and then the personality traits that are most attractive are those that we lack.


Power is a true aphrodisiac. While those in positions of power may not be the most attractive, most wealthy, or most charismatic—the Bill Gates’ of the world are undeniably irresistible to many women and men. Many people are drawn to pastors, politicians, wealthy businessmen & women, and entertainers based on the amount of power they wield. Whether they’re good or bad, people with true power have a sense of confidence, something many of us lack, and that confidence gives them a self-assuredness—a swagger that seems to be at the root of their irresistibility.

Some other that can make someone irresistible are:

1. Physical characteristics – Body, hair, smile, eyes,

2. Sex appeal – The way they carry themselves, scent of perfume or cologne, how they dress, foreign/southern accent, the way they touch you

3. Skills – Cooking, nurturing, dancing, singing,

4. Attentiveness – Nurturing, protective, parent-like (Women who grew up without fathers may find a man who is the fatherly-type, irresistible, and vice versa)

5. Spirituality – devoutly religious, disciplined, committed to their faith, humility, gentleness of spirit

6. Popularity – life of the party, well-known, well-liked (may desire the amount of attention the person gets)

7. Family relationships – Parenting skills, part of a tight family, attentive to family relationships, great with children

In a nutshell, attraction is a very tricky thing, and the reasons why we find some people irresistible are very personal. It can be fun to discover why you’re attracted to someone, but don’t forget to really get to know and love the whole person, for who they are, beyond the trait or characteristic that you find irresistible.

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