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Simone Biles is one of the most decorated and celebrated athletes in the world. Her fierce athleticism and, at times, raw vulnerability have inspired and encouraged many. The world champion’s influence transcends sports. 

Simone is a leading voice in women’s empowerment, policy change, mental health, and cultural impact. She’s a fashionista and a next-gen influencer. Her name alone signifies resilience, hard work, beauty, and tenacity.

Simone is that girl – and deserves our flowers. Not naysayers’ criticism. 

Those who have a problem with that should, in the words of the Ohio native herself, “f—ck off.”

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Simone Biles addresses negative comments about her husband, Jonathan Owens – again – on social media.

This past week, the sports star called out social media commentators and naysayers for posting negative comments about her husband, Jonathan Owens. The comments emerged under a May 20 carousel post where the gymnast showed love for Jonathan after dominating the Core Hydration Classic.

“My whole heart 🤎🤞🏾 the best supporter, I couldn’t ask for a better husband,” Simone wrote under the post. She in no way asked for public opinion. But despite the well-intentioned Black Love message and adorable photos, some jumped into her comment section with negativity anyway.

The comments alluded to previous fan outrage over a viral clip from an interview in which Jonathan said he considered himself “the catch” in their relationship. After speaking on the controversy multiple times, Simone had enough. 

According to social media sites, Simone posted a short but candid message to haters on her stories. The stories have since been removed.

“I’m going to quickly address this, the joke was never a joke,” she posted in black letters on a multi-colored background. “Y’all are blatantly being disrespectful to my relationship & my husband. So I’m gonna go ahead & say this one time. Respectfully, f—k off.”

She ended the note by thanking those who supported her and Jonathan’s union. Below is a screenshot of Simone’s post, reported by The Jasmine Brand.

Let’s be honest: Black love is to be applauded whenever we see it.

We don’t blame Simone for speaking out. Again, she deserves our flowers, not naysayers’ criticism. Simone, who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her NFL husband, doesn’t owe anyone anything, and people should respect her marriage. 

Black love is to be applauded whenever we see it. Most single women seeking a significant other will tell you that “the dating pool has p*ss and pee in it.” We should be happy to see our good Sis in a healthy, long-lasting relationship that she is happy in.

But besides all that, let’s be honest. Who Simone Biles – the athlete, wife, influencer, and changemaker – chooses to be with really isn’t anyone’s business but hers. Now, is it?  

If you’re not going to support our Sis, just keep scrolling.


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