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For a minute now, N.O.R.E. has said that he coined the term “slime” years before rappers like Young Thug took the term and made it their own. But now, the Lefrak City representative has a bone to pick with others who are using slime in ways that are not Noreaga approved.


In a recent episode for his Drink Champs podcast, the rapper who was once known as Melvin Flynt explained that he coined the term “slime” as a replacement for the N-word amongst other things, but has a problem with heads using the term in reference to gang affiliations as that’s something he doesn’t stand for.

“This is what’s f*cked up about slime, people use that as gang terminology. They say, ‘You slime,’ then you affiliated with a certain gang. You n*ggas is bozos, and I’m gonna say this because I’m the person — I did not invent the word ‘slime.’ I did not invent the word ‘slime,’ but I made it famous and it was always used just to be slime. You missed your flight, you slime.”

Well, he’s not wrong. Nore’s been using that word for years but it never actually caught on until heads like Thug and Vado popularized the term and ran with it. Continuing to explain why he used “slime” so much in his Hip-Hop heyday, Nore stated “And it was also kinda to replace the word “n*gga,” so it’s kinda like positive… and now the way they use it, I’m so disgusted.”

While we doubt that his complaint about the term will lead to heads discontinuing their use of the word, at least he’s putting everyone on notice that he’s not with the negativity that the word now carries with it and is trying to distance himself from something he inadvertently helped create.

Check out N.O.R.E. speaking about the term “slime” being misused as far as he’s concerned and let us know your feelings on his thoughts in the comments section below.

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