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‘Family Guy’ has become a staple of Fox’s prime-time lineup since 1999, with the exception of a cancellation that lasted a few year, and appears to be heading for a run that would last as long as ‘The Simpsons.’

Unfortunately, one of the most watched and popular opinionated hosts on Fox News Channel could force ‘Guy’s’ creator and voice actor to find another outlet for his flagship show.

Seth MacFarlane, who created the show and voices “Peter Griffin,” “Stewie Griffin,” “Brian Griffin” and “Quagmire,” has gotten more fed up with Tucker Carlson, whose show is one of the more highly viewed on Fox News.

Now, thanks in part to Carlson, MacFarlane appears to want ‘Guy’ away from Fox and on another network.

MacFarlane had also signed a deal with NBCUniversal in 2020, which had signaled that he was starting to move away from Fox.

From Uproxx:

It’s unclear which “opinion piece” of Carlson’s he’s referring to — could it be the Fox News host claiming that Democrats and the CDC “have been lying about COVID and the vaccine,” or that Dr. Fauci “created COVID,” or maybe when he mocked the testimonies of police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 — but I understand the sentiment.

Here is MacFarlane’s tweet:

This is not the first time MacFarlane has had issues with Carlson, but it might not be the last.

MacFarlane has certainly poked fun at Fox News on ‘Guy.’  Here’s a clip below:

Now we are wondering if more stars and producers of Fox’s prime-time shows are possibly considering an exit because of the entire Fox News network.  Only time and money will tell.

Maybe in the meantime, MacFarlane could write in a scene where “Peter,” along with possibly that giant chicken, gets into a brutal fight with an animated Carlson.  Just saying.


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