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*It’s not hard to deny the truth in the matter of Mariah Carey’s rapid weight gain. It doesn’t look like random fat. It looks more like a growing child underneath her couture creations. It’s just not like her. But there have not been any confirmed reports of her being with child. *sigh*

While the press continues to hound and speculate as to whether or not the singer is preggers, Nick Cannon told Us Magazine that he supports his wife and that pregnancy is more than special, it’s spiritual.

Carey released a statement recently saying:

“I appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know-even Cindi Berger.”

Nick Cannon’s response:

“I think ‘superstitious’ might be the wrong word,” Cannon tells Us about all the speculation surrounding whether or not his wife is pregnant. “I think it’s more of a spiritual thing, like trying to stay true and stay private for as long as you possibly can. She wants to keep as much privacy as she possibly can.”

He joked, “I love kids, I’m all about kids. I’m a big kid! Octomom. Nine kids at once. Whatever happens, whatever life God blesses you with, you have to take it and appreciate it.”

She’s got to be pregnant.