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A trump supporter's vehicle on Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

A harrowing scene unfolded over the weekend as a campaign bus for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was essentially boxed in by a caravan of President Donald Trump supporters. Trump praised the so-called “Trump Train” drivers, claiming they were protecting the bus.

Last Friday (Oct. 30, a Biden campaign bus is seen traveling along a highway in video footage and was suddenly surrounded by vehicles baring Trump campaign flags and the American Flag. One video showed a truck bump into another vehicle and there were reports that Biden’s camp decided to call off some campaign events due to the incident.”

On Sunday, President Trump seemingly praised the caravan of supporters for their actions.

“Did you see the way our people, they were, ya know, protecting this bus, because they’re nice,” Trump said in Michigan. “They had hundreds of cars. Trump! Trump! Trump and the American flag.”

NPR reports that Biden addressed the bullying tactic in Texas also on Sunday during a campaign stop in Philadelphia saying to a media throng, “We’ve never had anything like this — at least we’ve never had a president who thinks it’s a good thing.”

The FBI has announced it will investigate the Trump Train’s tactics according to reporting from the Texas Tribune.

Photo: WENN

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