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Alicia Keys made headlines back in 2016 when she announced she would no longer wear makeup. In a lengthy open letter she wrote, “We all get to a point in our lives (especially girls) where we try to be perfect.” She then dives into the pressures of maintaining a perfect physical image throughout her life.

While in a creative space, Alicia walked herself through all the things she despised. “Before I started my new album, I wrote a list of all the things that I was sick of. And one was how much women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect. One of the many things I was tired of was the constant judgment of women. The constant stereotyping through every medium that makes us feel like being a normal size is not normal, and heaven forbid if you’re plus-size. Or the constant message that being sexy means being naked.” These thoughts led her to challenge beauty standards and step out without makeup. Was she met with judgement? Yes. Did she care? Maybe. Was it freeing? Absolutely.

Now, 4 years later, Alicia Keys is partnering with e.l.f. Beauty to introduce a new lifestyle and beauty brand. Her transparency with her skin journey is has led her to explore conversations about inner beauty, wellness and connection. “With an inclusive point of view, an authentic voice, and a line of skin-loving, dermatologist-developed, cruelty-free products, the brand aims to bring new meaning to beauty by honoring ritual in our daily life and practicing intention in every action. The brand is expected to launch in 2021,” the press release stated.

The brand is excited to partner with Alicia Keys as well. “We are beyond thrilled to leverage our strengths to help realize Alicia’s vision, as it not only aligns with our mission to make the best of beauty accessible, but infuses it with an even deeper dimension,” said Tarang Amin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, e.l.f. Beauty. “As a brand builder, I’m excited and very energized about the opportunities for us to reach new audiences in creative ways and to continue to lead in category innovation.”

“Alicia is not just an icon, she is an inspiration. Her perspective on beauty is soulful and timeless. Together we are painting the highest vision to blaze a new trail in beauty,” adds Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty and President of the New Lifestyle Beauty Brand with Alicia Keys. “Alicia inspires millions of people everyday. And now, more than ever, the world is craving a vision that is more than skin deep.”

I love that Alicia Keys vision is coming full circle. Look for the brand launch in 2021. In the meantime, what do you think? Are you here for this collaboration?


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