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On a recent episode of Cooking With Todd, Kandi Burruss opened up with her hubby about her past and potentially future plastic surgery. Always keeping it real, the RHOA star and music maker revealed that she has undergone a few procedures in the past, including liposuction, to get her waist and other areas tight and right.

“I’ve had lipo, I’ve had a boob job,” Kandi said, eating a vegetarian omelet while sitting next to hubby Todd Tucker on his YouTube show.

When Todd asked his wife if she thought the fat “popped” back up in other places aftewards, Kandi emphatically replied, “definitely.”

“I personally feel like it comes back. It definitely can come back,” the 43-year-old mother of three, adding, “I know for a fact the first time I ever had lipo, which I really was trying to get them to flatten out the little pooch that was around my navel area, because I was still skinny. After I had Riley I always had a little pooch that wasn’t tight.”


Todd, who supports a woman’s right to choose to go under the knife especially for new moms and their “mommy makeovers,” encouraged Kandi to discuss even more the lipo she got around her middle before the third season of RHOA.

“Going into Season 3 I had a little lipo before that,” she says. “I still really looked the same. It’s just for my own persona [reasons].”

She continued, “[The doctor] just tightened the little waistline area. You know how when you work out as much as you can, but it’s still like that bit in the little love handle section that you can’t get rid of? It was like one of those types of things. He also took some fat from my lower back area. So he curved my back a little bit more.”

Sis even admitted that she’s gotten her breasts done too with fat transfer.

“I tried my boobs because back then, I had boobs, but they were sagging,” she shamelessly revealed. “I put a little fat in my boobs but that’s it. I never transferred anywhere else.”


As for if she sees more plastic surgery in her future, Kandi has a simple plan in mind: a breast reduction.

“I want to get a breast reduction,” she admitted, wanting to come down from a massive DD to a more demure B/C-cup. “I’m only 5’2 and a half and I’ve always had thicker legs and butt area so to me if you have a** and thighs you do not need no big ol titties. It makes you look fatter than what you are.”


Now, one of my favorite moments of the couple is when Todd asked Kandi what would she think if he added a few inches to his package.

“I don’t want you to add no more inches…I’m good with the inches you got, I don’t need no extra inches. I don’t need you to be trying to like stab me,” she replied.


See the episode yourself:


Honestly, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear Kandi talk so openly and freely about plastic surgery. There’s so much shame around the topic and it’s nice to see folks open-minded. But like Todd said, let’s just not get addicted to it.

BEAUTIES: Have you ever had any plastic surgery done? If so, what? And if not, have you ever thought about it?


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