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Celebrity Sightings In New York - September 19, 2019

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Wendy Williams should start having her New Years parties now because I know she can’t wait to get out of 2019.

Wendy William’s husband, Kevin Hunter, not only cheated on her, but produced a baby outside the marriage which caused a result of Wendy filling for divorce and going to rehab.

Now to add insult to injury it’s being reported that Wendy Williams, who still looks at Kevin Hunter as her friend, is going have to pay Kevin Sr. for his years and his tears and all his wasted years ♫.  Well maybe not quite all of that yet, but Wendy Williams is going to allegedly have to pay$250,000 so that Kevin Hunter Sr. can secure new living arrangements.

Crazy, right?  Maybe Wendy can record a remix to Oran Juice Jones titled “He’s got papers on me 5.0”, and stream it live on all platforms to raise the funds for a new home for Kevin Sr. and his new family. #IJS

Check out Wendy Williams throwing a lil shade at her soon to be ex-husbands baby mama in a segment on her show below.

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