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Ben Stiller reprises DodgeBall role for charity

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We all used to play dodgeball when we were younger and the object was to light somebody up and if you missed for that ball to hit the wall so hard it would ricochet back to you.  And everyone had that one that in the group that was literally head hunting folks.  If you got lit up, you sucked it up and got back out there the next day.  Well, evidently those days have past and our shorty’s now are a lot softer, because a 10 year old is being charged with assault for lighting up a schoolmate in a game of dodgeball.

According to reports a 10 year old Michigan boy was playing dodgeball when he hit another boy in the face with the ball, giving him a concussion.  The 10 year old was suspended from his elementary school for the incident but now police are getting involved saying that the young shorty hit the other in the face intentionally therefore they are charging him with assault.

According to the 10 year olds mother and school officials the injured little boy did have a preexisting condition, by which the little boys who is charged mother say’s,

“Clearly, this student should not have been playing a physical contact sport,”

The 10 year olds mom has now started a fundraiser on Facebook to try to raise $4000 for an attorney.  The young man is due in court August 1st.

Wouldn’t you think the little boy with the medical conditions parents should be going after the school for allowing their son to play games with his condition?  Or should the parents be held responsible for allowing their child to play a contact sport when they know he has a health issue?  And if you switched these two boys shoes around would they be coming for the other this hard?  #IJS…If you gonna charge a 10 year old for playing a game more than a few adults who are responsible for these kids while they’re in school should be going down too.

Check out the video below.

10 Year Old Charged With Assault Over Dodgeball!? [VIDEO]  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com