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By now you may have heard the story of Corey Patrick, the young Alabama man who was photographed by a bus driver walking to his high school graduation. Patrick had been taking multiple buses to get to and from school in order to make sure that he kept up with his studies and graduated from Birmingham’s Tarrant High.

For his efforts, several celebs banded together and bought Patrick an SUV, money has been raised via a GoFundMe started for him, and has been offered a full-ride scholarship to Jacksonville University, where he plans to study computer science.

The unsung hero of all of this is Birmingham bus driver DJuana Butler, who took the photo from her bus as Patrick walked toward his graduation by himself. She told Jacque Reid that something just touched her about the teenager.

“When he got on [the bus] he was smiling and he was just glowing,” Butler says. “I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t because so many people kept getting on my bus. By the time I got to him, he was getting off the bus and walking across the street, so I just snapped a picture. That was it.”

Butler’s photo praising the young man’s determination quickly went viral. And finally, Butler got to meet the young man and his mother.

Listen to the interview below:

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Inside Her Story: Jacque Reid Talks To DJuana Butler, Whose Viral Photo Helped A Determined Teen  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com