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Beyonce never fails when it comes to performing and putting on an amazing show. Over the weekend, Beyonce slayed and gathered all of our lives during an epic performance at Coachella which showed how female headliners work it.

Coachella 2018

During her Coachella performance, Beyonce brought on Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z and her sister Solange to perform “Get Me Bodied.” Prior to the performance, Beyonce noted on Facebook: I am so excited to see the BeyHive tonight at Coachella. We have been working hard and have a special show planned for you so please be safe and stay hydrated. We need your energy! There will be an hour intermission before my performance, so mark your spot, charge your phones, grab your drinks. Can’t wait to see y’all at 11:05pm!

Superbowl 2013

This fire performance shut the stadium down, literally! The lights in the stadium shut off for a few moments after a set but, that shows how great her performance was.

Performance of the full Beyonce Album | MTV Awards 2014

This will go down as one of the best live performances from Beyonce and all time. Beyonce performed a 14-minute medley performance for her surprise album Beyonce and showcased why she deserved the Vanguard award.

“Love on Top” 2011 MTV VMA (2011)

Who wasn’t excited to see the big reveal of Beyonce and Jay-Z welcoming in a baby? This was a beautiful and shocking performance for everyone including her hubby, Jay-Z.

 Run The World Billboard Awards 2011

The visual effects for this performance was amazing and only featured Beyonce!