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In a small town in Canada named Puslinch, Ontario, there’s a street that would probably have most of us doing a double take had we come across it in real life. Puslinch is home to “Swastika Trail,” a name that has everybody on the internet scratching their heads as to why the name hasn’t been changed so many years later. The township held a vote on Wednesday night on whether or not the community wanted to rename the controversial trail, and shockingly to everybody not living there, the town voted to keep the name–this isn’t the first time this motion has been voted on, either.

Though today swastikas are a modern day symbol of hate, bigotry, and Neo-Nazism, the origins of the swastika are actually quite different and have many religious purposes.  The town of Puslinch took inspiration from the swastika’s religious roots, naming the street Swastika Trail about 100 years ago. That’s all fine and dandy, but nobody is thinking about a symbol’s religious roots when the most famous usage of a Swastika has to do with such a tragic event.

Though there were some residents who understood how shocked most would be when coming across such a street, others are tied to it’s history and don’t attribute it’s history only to Nazi Germany. Nonetheless, the community again voted to keep the “Swastika” name going strong….and people on social media are extremely confused by this choice. Peep some of the criticism and confusion below:

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