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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Three

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How to Get Away With Murder is back for the fourth season and we’re here for it, even if Wes is dead😭. Anyway, Annalise texts her crew to meet her for dinner the next night. They all get the text, but whether they’ll show up or not remains to be seen (you know they will, though).


Laurel is with her dad touring a new law school, and he’s doing a good job of pretending to be concerned, but now we know he’s the snake who set Wes up to be killed. Laurel reveals to her father that she was pregnant. Her dad assumes it was Frank’s baby. Laurel lets the assumption fly (even though daddy probably knows the truth), but she reveals that she had an abortion and wants her father to keep this from her mother. He agrees and asks if she’s okay.

Um…she’s grieving and has a psycho for a dad so she’s probably not really okay.


And you know how HTGAWM does, so now we’re at a flashback of Annalise back home with her family. Remember, her mom isn’t well. She has dementia and is subject to volatile moods. This trip just underscores that heartbreaking reality, but Annalise is on a mission to try to get her parents to move out of their house thinking it would help her mother (her mom set the house on fire with her brother, who molested Annalise, inside), but they’re resistant to the idea, and to make matters worse, it seems that Annalise’s presence triggers more of her mother’s episodes. This entire trip is heartbreaking, but before Annalise leaves, her dad finally offers real acknowledgement of what happened to her by apologizing for the fact that her uncle raped her. 

Too late, buddy. The damage has already been done.

Also sad for Annalise is that her ex-sister-in-law is suing her for ownership of her home back in Philly.


Frank’s out of jail and he and Bonnie are still a thing. He’s on a mission to get Annalise to forgive him. Bonnie doesn’t think it’s a good idea, especially since he can’t pull off a miracle, which would be to get Annalise’s license back. Frank is determined to win her back though.

Speaking of Annalise’s license, she’s facing disbarment. Basically, when she was on probation at the time she was arrested for Wes’ murder and they found alcohol in her blood, which is a clear violation.  At the hearing, Annalise refuses to let Bonnie try to work some magic and owns up to her ish. Annalise admits she has a drinking problem, but get this, Annalise makes history by BEGGING them for mercy. You know that’s not her style, but she’s that desperate. She says if they disbar her then she’ll have nothing left and that needs one more chance. Go ahead girl, appeal to their humanity, but we know you’re going to get involved in some kind of scandal soon. 


Now we’re at the dinner. Connor, Michaela, Asher, Bonnie, and Laurel come through to see what Annalise has to say, and they exchange pleasantries at first. Laurel even reveals that she didn’t have an abortion and that she will have her baby. Say what?


Something’s fishy, but it’s clear that Laurel does not trust Daddy Dearest, which is probably why she lied to him.

Anyway, the real order of business is that Annalise reveals that she won her case and can practice law again pending court ordered treatment for alcoholism, but she’s also breaking up with them. She wrote them all letters of recommendation and says that they can be free and that she doesn’t want to ruin their lives anymore. Ironically, this actually makes them mad. Laurel storms out (because that’s what she does) and Michaela goes off on her, claiming she doesn’t get to give up on them. Connor questions what we’re all confused about, which is why are they complaining since this is what they wanted in the first place? Michaela’s thing is, Annalise needs to fix the damage done to their reputations and that can only happen if she sticks with them. In short, Connor is the only one who thanks her before leaving. You’d think they’d be happy to be done with the dysfunction, but nope. 



Annalise gives up her house and moves into a new apartment and in this move in montage, we also see each of her kids reading their respective recommendation letters, where Annalise is saying amazing things about them that they never even knew she felt.

Back to Laurel. We find out that she knows that her father killed Wes. She almost texted him asking why, but decides to keep it cute and continues to play naive daughter. But that ish will hit the fan soon. Real soon. 

Three months later, we find out that Laurel is in the hospital because she passed out and from the drugs in her system. Frank and Annalise’s alcohol counselor visit her, and Laurel wakes up freaking out, wondering where her baby is. Just when you thought the episode would end without a death for once… 

For now, let’s assume Laurel’s father played her again. This has his name written all over it. 


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