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There’s no surprise that students think it’s OK to share racially threatening images on social media when President Donald Trump is reluctant to condemn White supremacy groups.

KOB-TV reports that school officials suspended two Albuquerque, New Mexico high school students for posting a doctored racist picture. They now face possible hate crimes charges.

It shows two Black student in a classroom surrounded by Klan hooded classmates, KRQE-TV reported. The students posted the image on Tuesday to the school’s Snapchat group.

Mary Morrow-Webb, the mother of one of the targeted student, told KOB the image is “frightening.”

“I was afraid for my daughters and for the other children there that are at risk for these types of threats,” said Morrow-Webb, who has three daughters at Volcano Vista High School.

She added that the girls have not returned to school since learning about the photograph. “They finally have broken my girls,” the mother stated.

This isn’t the first racial incident at the school, the girl’s parents told KOB.

“We’ve been coming in with complaints of my daughter saying someone called her the N-word. Someone called her a porch monkey and different things like that on a regular basis,” said Lamont Webb, the girl’s father, adding that school officials have largely ignored their complaints.

Principal Vicki Bannerman issued a 10-day suspension to the two students responsible for the posting image, and she also suspended one of them from the football team.

However, it’s not clear that she gets the seriousness of their offense.

“They do not have, what I thought to be a malicious spirit, they just made a very very poor choice,” Bannerman told KRQE, adding that they thought the picture was funny.

The school district said it reported the incident to the police department, which is considering whether a hate crimes charge is appropriate.



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