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Racist White people are in their feelings after a young Black Home Depot employee threatened their sacred BBQ supply when she wore a hat to work that read “America was never great.” The bold response to Donald Trump’s campaign hat that read “Make America great again” gave bigots the green light to show their true red, white and blue colors.

Krystal Lake’s photo, accompanied by vitriolic comments, began appearing in my Facebook feed last night. The social media platform became a forum for death-threats, profanity and racial slurs.

“The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement,” Lake told the Staten Island Advance. “I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, “Let’s look to the past.’”

Krystal said she was “shocked “and didn’t expect such a viral reaction, but her unapologetic political statement was met with such hate.

“People have been saying really racist things to me and that they’re going to come and find me,” she said, “and that what I said is disgraceful and I hate America — but I don’t hate America.”

It was until yo mama spread her legs Krystal,” one user wrote in response to Krystal’s hat. “Just another crack head doing what they do best. how do you suppose she passed the Drug test,” wrote another. Thousand more comments look like this: “Ghetto trash. Please leave the country so my grandchildren don’t have to get near BLM garbage like you.”

Many called for Krystal to be fired and announced they are boycotting the beloved brand. Some offered to find the phone number of the Staten Island location where she works and make it easily-available for anyone who wanted to call and speak to her manager…I guess?

Ironically, the most patriotic Americans, who are leaving comments about how great America is, don’t seem to care about America’s great first amendment–ya know, the one that upholds freedom of speech.

Facebook user Joseph Smith, however, defended Krystal and read the racist Internet trolls for filth.

Whether you believe it was unprofessional for Krystal to wear the hat in the first place, one thing is abundantly clear, the comments section on the Internet is a dark, dark place.

We get it, some White people felt so attacked by Krystal’s comment while shopping for lumber and Pine Sol that they decided to stand up against the injustices of humanity by showing their true Trump colors.

This is me playing the world’s smallest violin:

And me swimming in your White tears:

Have several seats. The nails to secure your white picket fence will be there tomorrow.


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