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Obama’s executive power can only go so far when it comes to reinforcing stricter gun laws.

With a contentious Republican house blocking every one of his moves, including an effort to enforce universal background checks in 2013, it seems the needed change in gun ownership laws will continue to be an uphill battle for the president and the country.

“The actions the president announced last month represent the maximum the administration can do under the current law,” said Eric Schultz, the deputy White House press secretary, “namely increasing mental health treatment and reporting, improving public safety, managing the future of gun safety technology and, of course, enhancing the background check system.”

Beyond those administrative laws, the only further action the government can take is printing out 10,000 pamphlets describing the qualifications that must be met to be considered a certified gun dealer. This information is set to be handed out at gun shows.

For gun law advocates, handing out papers is a weak attempt at enforcing real change.

With so many political blockades standing in the way of responsible gun-law law legislation, it will be a miracle if Obama sees the change he wants before he leaves office.



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