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There has been a major security breech with several Chrysler models! Apparently, if you have a late 2013, all of 2014 and early 2015 Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 200s, Dodge Rams you are vulnerable to hackers remotely controlling your car over the Internet. Yea I’m sure your face looked just like mines once I heard this story.

Hackers can cut the brakes, shut down the engine, drive it off the road, or make all the electronics go haywire.

Here is where the issue gets a lil more detailed, according to CNN a flaw in there is a wireless service Uconnect that connects these cars to the Sprint cellphone network. We’re living in a time where modern day cars are smartphones on wheels – and just like any computer, vulnerable to hackers and the computers inside cars are still pretty “dumb.”

Seeeee, I been telling y’all technology was the devil!!

Please take heed to this national warning to all you Chrysler owners!


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