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Songstress Amel Larrieux is probably as well-known for her gorgeous flowing natural hair as she is for her signature voice.

She’s been performing for nearly 20 years and asked the same question since she hit the scene in 1995, “What do you use in your hair?”

Larrieux finally decided to develop an elixir for all hair types, the Night Before Conditioner manufactured by her natural hair brand, Beautiful Us.

Amel Larrieux spoke to HelloBeautiful exclusively about her road to creating her natural product line.

“For a while,  I was confused by people’s interest in my hair,” she explained. “Like it was always a conversation. I was always like ‘Well I’m here to sing and to write” and I was realizing that just the same way that I was inspired by people like Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer who would wear their hair natural in the 80s when it wasn’t as popular.”

“I had been wearing it natural for so long, I had been doing the whole braid out, oil your scalp, do a certain kind of spray, make your own little cocktail to put on your hair for so,so many years that I could just spout it off and kind of have this recipe for my natural hair routine and we just talked about it so often in so many interviews that my husband and I started realizing that it would make sense to actually offer it to our public because people are always asking me. ”

The process of developing the product took over three years. Larrieux created the product and immediately began testing on her family and friends with very positive feedback.

Despite the fact that the natural hair industry is packed with competitors like Miss Jessie’s, Shea Moisture and the list goes on, Larriuex is confident that all brands can co-exist.

“Honestly, I feel that we can all kind of co-exist together. I mean, I think that we’re all special in our own right. I respect what Shea Moisture does, I respect what all of these other companies do. It’s really about what each individual is finding that works for their hair and hair type.”

“Sometimes, with a lot of hair you have to be able to go back and forth with a lot of different products and have more than one because sometimes one stops working if you overuse it so I think it’s about all of us kind of being in cahoots together and being this arsenal of natural products that women who want to wear their hair natural can always go to and can all exist in your bathroom cabinet.”

Night Before Moisurizer

Source: Provided by Amel Larrieux / Amel Larrieux

Larriuex is most proud of the product’s versatility; the Night Before Conditioner isn’t just for hair, it can also be used all over the body.

” ‘Night before’ is a base with delicious oils with Monoi being a really important one. It’s one of those things where honestly, what freaked me out is that you can use this product all over your body. There’s the coconut oil, there’s the shea, the olive, it’s the carrot extract. It’s so interesting because I can honestly use it the night before and literally the next morning use it again. It’s truly so versatile, it’s kind of shocking. It’s got one of those amazing smells that you just kind of want to bite the person who’s wearing it because it smells so delicious.”

“The Night Before Conditioner” by Beautiful Us is available now and can be purchased at here.

Beautiful Us

Source: Provided by Amel Larrieux / Provided By Amel Larrieux


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