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Serious young woman angry with friend

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They’re almost impossible to spot on first sight. But once you get to know them, it all becomes painfully clear: they’re not really your friend. We’re going to save you some time & precious energy by letting you know how to spot a frenemy.

When she gives you a compliment, there’s always a backhanded comment.

Wait, what?

She hangs out with someone that is your mortal enemy.

She goes after things that she knows you want- clothes,guys, etc.

She’s only around when she needs something.

She blows up your spot and tells other friends your secrets. 

She steals your ideas at work and pawns them off as hers. 

You work in the same field & she never tells you about opportunities or networking events.

After a conversation, she posts subliminal shade about you on social media.

She’s a liar. 

She talks about you behind your back. 


9 Ways To Know Your Friend Is Actually Your Frenemy  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com