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Episode five of “How To Get Away With Murder” definitely did not disappoint. Professor Keating and her team were busy defending a young man, Ryan, who was on trial for shooting and killing his police officer father after the father allegedly abused the his mother. The biggest legal task for the team was finding a way to get details of the alleged domestic violence into evidence after the judge granted the prosecution’s motion to exclude information surrounding any abusive events. Never one to be defeated, Keating had a plan how to get the information in front of the jury using journal entries from Ryan’s blog. It was also essential for Keating to choose a jury who would show favorable bias toward her client.

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Laurel was the focal student of this week’s episode and took a liking to Ryan’s case. She drafted a score card of sorts to assist in the jury selection process — a term referred to as “voir dire” in the legal world. She also used the suggestions of both Kan, her legal aid boyfriend, and Frank, an attorney who also works for Keating, to assist with the trial.  Things between Laurel and Frank got steamy this go ’round when they shared an impassioned kiss. Not one to cheat, Laurel retreated from Frank’s advances and opted for an impassioned romp with her boyfriend in the legal aid offices instead. Between fighting for Ryan’s freedom, a flash-forward shows the students as they discard Sam’s body — a scene that hints at a relationship between Laurel and Frank after he calls her several times begging for her forgiveness. With one last piece to hide –the coveted legal statue — Laurel enlists the help of Frank who said he would do anything for her. Did anybody else notice Frank’s picture on the phone? It looked like an advertisement for 1970’s porn or cigarettes. I am certain many more details will unfold surrounding Frank’s involvement in all of this as well.

The biggest and most interesting plot of this week, though, is Keating confronting Sam about the naked photos on Lila’s phone and learning that she was once a mistress of Sam as well. Chile, like our elders tell us, “How you get them, is the same way you will lose them” and now Keating, who isn’t so innocent herself, is on the other end of the spectrum after Sam finally admits to having an affair with Lila. Keating’s ex-bae Nate also comes clean about Sam’s whereabouts the night of Lila’s murder, once again making Sam the number one suspect in Lila’s death. Nate also revealed that he was fired from his job.

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Keating confronted Bonnie, after learning Nate was let go from the force, admonishing her for how she obtained video of Rebecca’s confession on last week’s episode. She’s the one who got Nate fired! After Sam finally came clean to Keating, the stern professor quickly determined that she has to find out whether or not Rebecca knows if Sam was the person/picture in Lila’s phone. She came up with a brilliant plan to have Rebecca mentally evaluated by Sam to ascertain all the information she need to know. Rebecca is no dummy — in fact, she revealed she has a high IQ. During the psychiatric sit down, Rebecca referred to the man in Lila’s phone as Mr. Darcy.” Following the evaluation Rebecca fled town. She called Wes in an attempt to figure out if he was in cahoots with Keating and Sam. Rebecca revealed to Wes that she recognized the wallpaper in Keating’s house and realized the penis on Lila’s phone is Sam’s!

Not only does Rebecca know Sam is Lila’s “Mr. Darcy,” Wes finally put it all together! Professor Keating is slowly losing control of her group and what she does next week will supposedly shock us all!

Can’t wait for next week !!

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