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Dang, and this is supposed to literally be a “family” show?

Anyhoo …

Ever since 1976 married couples have humorously revealed secrets and intimate info about their marriages on “Family Feud.” These family antics explain why the show has been on air for almost 50 years.

A recent contestant named Joyce has to be among the best contestants at getting the audience and viewers to laugh along at humor about her family or married life.

Steve Harvey asked her, “if you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?” And her response left Harvey with a look, “I know she didn’t…. girl… bye!”

Joyce responded to Harvey’s question with the answer of, “his penis” — causing the audience to break out in laughter (and shock) at her brutally honest and funny yet embarrassing (for her husband) answer.

A nervous Joyce followed up her answer with defense — telling Harvey — “You were thinking it!” And his response was he wasn’t thinking anything “darn” near that answer!

Poor Paul — her husband — he smiled and tried to go along with his wife answer, but only with a nervous and embarrassing look upon his face after he tried to laugh it off.

Ouch! After all those years of marriage, the burn he received of not satisfying his wife. Once again, Poor Paul!




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