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Parents in Baltimore are shocked and appalled after a teacher was caught on video fighting a student.

School is supposed to be a safe haven for young minds, and teaches should be the trusted stewards of a student’s care during school hours. Sadly this has not been the case in some instances where students are carrying on inappropriate relationships with students, while others are ready to the throw down with the kids.

According to My Fox Baltimore, one teacher from Carver Vocational Technical High School got into a nasty brawl with an unidentified senior. The educator, seen in the video above wearing black pants, could be heard shouting at a young woman, “I’ll kill you up in here (expletive), what the (expletive) you think this is.”

It’s been reported that the physical fight exploded during a verbal argument, but there’s no word on what sparked the initial altercation. The student has history of violence at the school, and her family members stated that she probably took the fight with her teacher to a whole other level when she threw a book at the faculty member.

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Still, they don’t believe that justifies the behavior they saw from the teacher in footage of the fight

“You’re supposed to be a role model to these children and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you was outside on the street,” said the student’s auny Nikia Jones.

The student has been charged with assault; the teacher sustained a few injuries, but she was quickly patched up. She’s now on administrative leave from Carver pending the findings of an investigation.


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