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*Now, ex-crackhead actor Todd Bridges must’ve known he was playing with fire when he went in on the late Robin Williams just minutes after it was announced the comedian’s death was most likely from suicide, saying the funnyman pulled “a very selfish act” by killing himself.

49-year-old Bridges’ thinking is that since he’s had his trials and tribulations, and he’s had a grip of them, he could’ve committed suicide like Williams, but he chose to not go that route which is the easy way out as far as he’s concerned.

“You don’t think that my life has been hell and I’ve had so many ups and downs now. If I did that what am i showing my children that when it gets tough that’s the way out No you gotta buckle down ask God to help you. That’s when prayer really comes into effect.”

Lest you think that Bridges was totally insensitive, he did have this to say:

“Rest in peace Robin Williams I hope you found what you were looking for.”

Well, as you can image, a grip of folks, no doubt fans of Williams – via TMZ‘s messageboards- didn’t take too kindly to Bridges thoughts and let him have it with both barrels. Here’s a sampling of comments:

“SHUT THE **** UP – Unless you carried his brain, you have no idea what he was going through. There are different levels of depression. Just because you are/were depressed, you are IN NO POSITION TO JUDGE HIM.”

“What an insensitive jerk! Most people that commit suicide, think that with them being gone, it does their loved ones a favor (that’s what the illness does to our “logical” way of thinking. My heart breaks for Robin and his family and friends, because I know that God awful internal suffering. RIP, Robin. And to his family and loved ones, may you find peace one day, knowing he is no loge suffering those demons. And Todd, this isn’t about YOU.”

“It’s easy to say it’s selfish when you don’t have to suffer the alternative. Who is anyone to tell anyone else that they have to live with their pain? Now THATS selfish. I agree with the commenter below; Todd Bridges can go **** himself.”

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