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MJ Estate Claims Exceed $20 Million; Papa Joe Subpoenas Medical Records.

January 4, 2010

     *The amount of claims levied against the estate of Michael Jackson totals more than $20 million, according to TMZ.


     The tally includes a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of the “Thriller” music video, a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm.


     “That does not mean — by any stretch — the estate will pay all the claims,” the site reported. “We’re told some of them are patently bogus and lawyers for the estate will not pay, unless a judge orders them to ante up.”


     Meanwhile, Michael’s father Joe has subpoenaed medical and other records from the UCLA Medical Center in hopes the documents will reveal evidence of foul play in his son’s death.


     “Joe’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, sent two subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center — the hospital where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25,” TMZ reported. Oxman is asking for a number of documents, including medical records, autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.


     Joe Jackson tells TMZ his entire family is behind the subpoenas, and that they all believe the medical records will show what was in Jackson’s body when he died. They believe the information will expose foul play.


     Jackson’s estate lawyers are reportedly outraged. TMZ reports, “We’ve obtained a letter sent to Oxman by estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, in which Weitzman calls the subpoenas ‘clearly improper.’ Weitzman claims the subpoenas violate Jackson’s right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege. Weitzman also says the subpoenas are irrelevant to Joe Jackson’s only legal claim — a financial allowance.”