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After a dispute inside their Greensboro home on Monday, North Carolina woman, Sandra Palmer, 47, shot her two children and their father before killing herself, Police Chief Ken Miller said last Tuesday during a press conference.

Her 14-year-old son, Maurice Edmonds II, died at the scene from his wounds.

Her 18-year-old daughter, Danielle Imani Jameison, and boyfriend, Maurice Eugene Edmonds Sr., 46, were listed in fair condition at a local hospital.

Though Edmonds, Sr. and Palmer were unmarried, they had been in a 17-year relationship.

“It’s very unfortunate and I don’t know what drives people so quickly to jump to firearms to solve a problem.  It makes no sense,” Chief Miller said.  “We are still trying to understand the motive and the intent behind the assault.”

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“She retrieved a firearm and came back in the living room.  She maced Mr. Edmonds Sr. to disable him and began to discharge that firearm, striking her son and daughter multiple times,” Miller said.

After Palmer shot her children, police say Edmonds Sr. tried to get the gun away from her before he was shot.

Miller said Palmer then locked herself in another room and shot herself with a second handgun.

All evidence and statements suggest Palmer acted alone, Miller said.

One revolver and a semi-automatic gun were used in the shooting, Miller said.

Capt. K.L. Whitesell with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Palmer applied for one gun permit on Dec. 11, 2012.  She retrieved the permit nine days later on Dec. 20.

“There were no disqualifiers on the background check — just a couple of minor traffic offenses,” Whitesell wrote in an email.

Palmer checked a box that said the reason for purchasing a pistol was, “Protection of self, family home, business property.”  Other options on the permit include “target shooting,” “collecting,” “hunting,” and “other.”  The permit listed a Winston-Salem address as a previous residence.

No registration has been found for the second firearm.

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See police press conference below:

Neighbor Bob Ring has no fear that the shooting indicates an increase in gun violence in the neighborhood and views it as an isolated incident:

“If this is domestic violence — that happens anywhere,” Ring said.  “This is a low-crime area.  I don’t worry about stuff out here.  You know, there are crazy people in the world.  Domestic stuff escalates, and this stuff happens everywhere.”



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