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The next episode went down last night according to the celebrity police, 

As they put it, “freshly freed” from jail on child endangerment charges, Williams was spotted hanging with the other trouble magnet, Suge Knight, who got into a big brawl outside a club.

It all went down outside the Eden club. When the video starts, the massive brawl is already in full swing and you can see Suge trying to go after someone while Katt gets away from the action, walking behind a dumpster.

As the camera pans back, you can see Suge on the left side of the frame in a tan long-sleeved shirt. Suge can be seen connecting with some sort of punch, but the actual blow is blocked from view.

The next time we see Katt, he’s making his way to a black SUV while being chased by someone. Katt appears to get in the car before the guy is able to catch up to him.

Suge then gets into a white SUV and guns it, nearly hitting several people on his way out of the parking lot.