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How much awkward can you handle? If the answer isn’t “all of it,” then don’t watch the interview that recent college grad Max Rice gave Fox News this morning. Rice was introduced as a former Obama voter who was now unemployed, living with his parents, and planning to vote Romney. Fox no doubt intended him to represent a generation of disillusioned Obama voters. Instead, Rice came off like either a really clueless bro, or really effective troll.

Why was Rice such a big Obama fan in 2008? “I met him in third grade,” he explained. Why was he supporting Mitt Romney now? “It’s actually a funny story, I lost a basketball game.” Host Gretchen Carlson quickly realized she was not going to get any hard-hitting analysis here. “Are you being serious about this interview or not?” she asked before pulling the plug. “I’m not sure you’re ready for prime time yet.” Gawker quips that Rice is “exactly the kind of young America who would pick Romney over Obama.