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If all of America were made up of people with Facebook pages, President Obama would win hands down, Forbes has discovered. As of yesterday, Obama rocked with 28.5 million Facebook fans, while Romney tallied a paltry 6.6 million So who goes for Obama in the Facebook universe? Video gamers, for one group, along with meditators, jigsaw-puzzle fans, and people who prefer movies like The Blind Side and Fast and Furious (favorites for Romney-ite moviegoers include Atlas Shrugged, 17 Miracles, and The Sound of Music), according to an analysis by Compass Labs.

Romney backers tend to be older, quilters, gun enthusiasts, churchgoers, and Fox News watchers. Mitt’s one edge over Obama is that Romney backers appear to be more “engaged” than Obama fans on Facebook, sharing, commenting, or marking “likes” on subjects. There is a tiny shared universe as well. Everyone, it seems, shops at Target and likes The Hangover andFamily Guy.

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