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Are new parents Jay-Z & Beyonce suffering from postpartum depression?

Relax, we kid, we kid.  According to the the true definition of postpartum, that may be a a bit of a stretch. But we’ve come up with a few good reasons why the celebrity couple may be exhibiting some bizarro-world behavior post Blue Ivy’s arrival.  American pop-culture has been obsessed with the pregnancy and birth of super couple Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first child since that oh-so-graceful announcement on the MTV Music Awards last fall (drops mic).  And while we were initially super excited to share in the mania, we are a bit worried about some of Bey & Jay’s post-birth antics.  Here are five reasons we think the couple may be losing it under the baby pressure.

1.  They are EVERYWHERE. 

Now it’s not our place to comment on other peoples social lives, (except we’re a celebrity gossip blog so that’s what we do best) but is it just us or have Jay and Bey been at every social event happening anywhere?  Relaunching clubs, book signings, random New York “Grits & Biscuits” parties, on tour, Met balls, the list goes on.  Now we wouldn’t think this was weird under normal circumstances, but considering this extremely private couple has been impressing us for years with their emphasis on private family life, we’re kind of blown that post Blue Ivy’s arrival they seem to be super pressed to be on the scene.  We were hoping they’d fade to black for a year or so and take care of the kid, but we guess that would be far too normal.

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2.  Beyonce is more naked than ever.

We love B as a sex symbol, consumate mother-whore figure–all that jazz.  But are we tripping or is she getting naked-ER with each passing moment? Seriously, the Met gala dress (beautiful as it was) was like WHOA ma’am.  We feel you on this whole, “I got my groove back” thing but my lord.  You’re somebody’s mom now.  Put something on woman!  Or at least just cover up your a** crack.  We could just be seething with jealousy that she looks better than us post-baby than we ever have, but still.

3.  What’s up with Revel show?

We get it.  Beyonce likes to work and she loves what she does.  But seriously what’s with this massive come back performance a mere five months post-baby?  And where’s she coming back from, Tribeca? We’d understand it more if she was a supermodel who was up against fashion week or an actress whose show was about to begin taping, but at this point B mostly sets her own schedule.  So what’s with the uber dramatic comeback moment that required four hour daily workouts and a diet of lettuce and water? We have long since understood Beyonce is super-human and not like the rest of us, so as Kanye would say, “we didn’t need all the jazz.”

4.  Jay-Z is doing all kinds of randomness.

Dear Jay-Z, a music festival in Philly?  Um, you do know The Roots have been doing that for years right? Cause you know, they’re from Philly and that’s their hometown.  We know you know who they are, they played on your unplugged album remember?  No?  Did you hit them up first?  Oh and about that New Jersey Brooklyn Nets logo design, we get that you and Bey are in to doing it all, but a graphic designer really could have taken that to the next level.  Oh and you’re endorsing gay marriage too?  I mean…we’re all for gay marriage but politics is just so not your lane.

5.  The arrival of Beyonce on Tumblr. 

Again, we’re just speculating that Beyonce was bored out of her freaking mind being pregnant and off the grid for a while because suddenly she’s on social media.  It’s like she’s screaming “don’t forget about me” as if that was even remotely possible.  We’re just a bit baffled by the poorly handwritten notes to Michelle Obama and her mom.  We’re just wondering why this is the time that Beyonce finally chose to become a “sharer.”  Could it be that she’s feeling out of sorts with her new role as flats wearing makeupless mom?   Look, we still love B no matter what.  We’re #jussayin.

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