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Geraldo Rivera is a very good at being opinionated and having that opinion help to stick his foot in his mouth. The last time Geraldo had something to say about Trayvon Matin, he complained that Martin’s hoodie was as responsible for his death as George Zimmerman is.

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This time around, Geraldo–while on his own Fox News show alongside Benjamin Crump, the Martin family attorney, Rivera stood his ground on his opinion of Martin’s hoodie, saying, “If he had taken that damn hood off his head, if he and Zimmerman had only spoken…don’t you think that could have avoided this awful tragedy?”

Three things Geraldo–why would Martin have taken off that hoodie while he walked home in the rain, why would Zimmerman (a gun toting racist ask a young black man he saw in his neighborhood anything and this tragedy would have been avoided had Zimmerman followed proper instruction from the 911 dispatcher. Let’s be honest.

Watch Geraldo Stick His Foot In His Mouth About Trayvon Martin Below:

Crump mentioned Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg–who shares the same wardrobe choices as Martin–and explained, “You mean to tell me if Mark Zuckerberg was walking through the gated community, he could be profiled by George Zimmerman? What’s the difference between the two?” Crump then went on to compare Rivera’s comments to those of people who blame rape victims for wearing short skirts.

SMH, Geraldo seems to have a thing about hoodies, but to honestly think that this whole tragedy could have been avoided had Zimmerman simply spoken to young Martin instead of shooting him means that Geraldo has set up blinders from racism and refuses to acknowledge its presence in this case.

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