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Is Your Job One of the Happiest Jobs in America? Here Are the Top Ten

The website CareerBliss.com polled over 100,000 people to find out how happy they were with their jobs . . . and which jobs made people the HAPPIEST.

–They had people rate 10 different factors, including their boss, co-workers, salary, and workload. But they didn’t include executive-level jobs . . . like CEOs . . . probably because the salary would skew the results.

–Instead, they wanted to know the top ten NORMAL jobs when it comes to overall happiness in the workplace. Here they are, starting with number one.

#1.) Software Quality Assurance Engineer. They make between $85,000 and $100,000 a year to make sure software programs run the way they’re supposed to before they’re released. –The engineers in the survey tended to be satisfied with their company, and didn’t have issues with their boss. And when it came to how happy they were with the job in GENERAL, the average score was 4.24 on a scale of one to five.

#2.) Executive Chef. Most of the chefs who were polled said they like the people they work with, and enjoy the actual work . . . which is mostly cooking, creating the menu, training the staff, and dealing with inventory. –On a scale of one to five, the average score was 4.15

#3.) Property Managers. Their average score was also 4.15, and in general they were satisfied with their co-workers, and the work they do on a day-to-day basis. –Most property managers work for the owner of an apartment building, and make sure all the nuts-and-bolts stuff is taken care of . . . from having maintenance work done, to making sure rent is paid.

#4.) Bank Teller. Even though it’s not as high-paying as some of the other jobs on the list, the average score was 4.14 out of five . . . largely because of the people they work with, and because of the social element. –According to the CEO of CareerBliss, quote, “Many of the happiest jobs have some component [of] working with people. Folks who work with others tend to rate their happiness higher.” –So in other words, if you work in an office where you just sit in front of a computer and never talk to anyone, you’re less likely to be happy with your job.