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Over 200,000 people who are tired of Kim Kardashian’s shenanigans have signed an online petition to boycott the “publicity hungry” socialite.

The site, BoycottKim.com, claims Kardashian has “made a mockery of American culture.”  The site hopes to gain the attention of nearly 40 brands or stores that either use Kardashian as an endorser or sell her products.

Kardashian was recently accused of making a trip to Haiti solely for publicity, rather than for charity, and staging a phony marriage for television ratings.

According to one of the founders of the website, the boycott is being closely monitored by Sears, which carries the Kardashian Kollection. (The source noted, by the way, that a substantial portion of those products are discounted on the department store’s website.)

The California-based co-founder, who requested anonymity, says the short-term goal of the boycott is to amass 350,000 signatures but contends that 500,000 would be the kind of “serious number” that would prompt a company such as Sears to re-evaluate its relationship with Kardashian.

Read more at NYDailyNews.com

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