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Frustrated Mayfair residents expressed hope today that a $7,500 reward will lead to the capture of whoever is slashing tires in one neighborhood, but some neighbors may take matters into their own hands.

Police announced the reward this morning following the fifth reported incident since late November. Once again, the slashings happened on the 4000 block of Aldine Street – where most of the damage has occurred – shortly before midnight. Authorities said at least 55 cars have been vandalized during the rash of incidents.

Despite the presence of plain clothes and uniformed officers and town watch activity in the neighborhood, police do not have a description of the suspect or suspects, and have only recovered one finger print, Capt. Jack McGinnis of Northeast Detectives said.

“I believe they’re going to look for another instance to strike,” McGinnis said during a press conference.

McGinnis said police do not have a motive, but several neighbors have been affected, including some multiple times.

Lucille Cottle, who said her vehicle has been damaged six times, hopes the reward will cause someone to speak up.

“Somebody’s gotta know somebody who’s doing this. They’ve gotta be talking to somebody,” she said. “It shocked us last night. Nobody was out here.” Cottle said she was victimized again last night, which forced her to cancel a physical therapy appointment for her disabled grandson.

“After today, I’m gonna park my car four or five blocks away or park on Frankford Avenue … It’s costing me too much money,” she said.

Neighbor Mike Wagner said he’s heard talk of a vigilante group forming to take down whoever is responsible.

“If that happens, I feel sorry for them because they’re gonna get beat to hell,” he said. Wagner, who’s been victimized once, said he plans to have a surveillance camera installed outside his house today.

“It’s just out and out vandalism for no reason,” Wagner added.

McGinnis said each of the tires has been thinly sliced with the same type of device, leading them to suspect the same individual or individuals.

The Fraternal Order of Police contributed $5,000 of the $7,500 being offered. FOP President John McNesby said that money would be given to the tipster as soon as an arrest is made.