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Recent studies claiming children raised by lesbian couples are no different than children raised by a mother and a father are innaccurate

Glenn Stanton, director for family formation studies at FOTF, said these reports are flawed and don’t tell the whole story. He found that “these studies consistently show a markedly greater likelihood of children raised by same-sex parents to identify with and experience same-sex or bi-sexual contact than children raised in heterosexual homes.”

The U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) found that 49 percent of girls raised by lesbian mothers identified as either bi- or lesbian, compared with only 7 percent of girls raised in heterosexual-headed households.

Glenn Stanton also found that young adults raised by lesbian moms are seven times more likely to have considered same-sex relationships and six times more likely to have actually had a same-sex relationship.

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