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Whether you’re finally giving in to a receding hairline or just want a different look, the decision to shave your head is never easy. But when you finally decide to do the guy’s version of “the big chop” it is not a simple process. Here are some quick tips to getting that Boris Kodjoe look with minimal problems.
1) Find a room with a large mirror, preferably a bathroom, that you can reflect a smaller hand-held mirror off of. You want to be able to cover as many blind spots as possible. Washing your hair and scalp is always a good idea but especially if you are using a razor. Apply a shaving cream like Fusion ProGlide Hydra Smooth Shave Gel for the closest possible shave.
2) Most successful men start at the bottom but for this cut you want to start at the top. Once you have a runway down the middle there is no turning back. Cut back to front in the direction of your hair growth. Then cut the sides. The back will be the hardest since you can’t see, so you can do that last.
3) Clean off the blades between sections. If you are using a razor rinse off between strokes.
4) Maneuver that hand held mirror so you can watch as you cut the back. If you brush the back of your hair downward, cut in that direction.
5) Rub your fingers across your head to make sure there aren’t any patches or stubble.
6) Wash your head and neck of any loose hairs and apply a moisturizer like Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer.


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