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When it comes to foreign policy, perhaps Americans aren’t the world’s favorite nationality. But the US has clearly cornered the market on coolness. Just ask the 30,000 people from 15 different countries polled by social networking site When asked to choose the coolest country, America came first,Reuters reports. “We hear a lot in the media about anti-Americanism,” says a rep for the site. “But we sometimes forget how many people across the world consider Americans seriously cool.”

Just look at the evidence: “America boasts the world’s coolest leader, Obama; the coolest rappers, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg; and the coolest man in technology, Steve Jobs of Apple, the man who even made geeks cool,” the rep notes. Rounding out the top five coolest countries are Brazil, Spain, Italy, and France. On the bottom end of the list, Belgians are considered the least cool, followed by Poles, Turks, Canadians, and Germans.