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Liberals are just a wee bit unhappy with the deal President Obama struck to increase the debt ceiling. The Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus held a press conference today to announce their opposition to the deal, Raw Story reports. Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver delivered the real money quote yesterday, telling Roll Call that based on early reports, the pact looked like “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”

Rep. Cleaver stood by the quote in an MSNBC interview, saying the bill was “antithetical to everything the great religions of the world teach, which is take care of the poor, take care of the aged.” He said he still needed to review the details, “but on the surface, it looks like a Satan sandwich.” Nancy Pelosi meanwhile darkly hinted that “We all may not be able to support it, or none us may be able to support it.” ButWashington Post sources say Pelosi is just firing a warning shot past a dismissive White House, and won’t actually block the bill.