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One city’s mayor is determined to find a way to stop the sagging pants that his city council and police officers have received.  Everybody complains about it, especially when the underwear is not only in complete view, but when they have the nerve to be dirty too.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hampton, Ga., will be fining anyone found “sagging” lower than three inches.  Can you picture it?  Police on the beat runnin’ around with tape measures?  City manager, Andy Pippin, said ”Officers aren’t going to be out looking for people with sagging pants,” at first.

The law will be lenient so that everyone will be able to get accustomed to it and then they will begin cracking down.  The first offender will get a $50 fine, then second offense, $100, third $200.

The worry is that there will be claims of racial profiling behind this.  But the fortunate part of the law is that it does not include jail time.  But, then again, the new warrants will be for unpaid sagging fines.