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Last night I was privileged enough to attend the advanced screening of Horrible Bosses; a Seth Gordon film anyone with an a**hole for a boss can honestly relate and testify to! Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis teamed up to deliver a believable and natural on-screen bro-mance almost Hangover like. Newcomer to the big screen Charlie Day is a pleasure to watch. Though his voice can sometimes get annoying he is reminiscent of a young Steve Carell. His boss (Jennifer Aniston) who is more of a freak than a nuisance is intent on sleeping with him even though he is happily engaged and prides himself on being-so. Nymphomaniac of the crew played by Jason Sudeikis, finds himself working for the coked-out, spoiled son of his previous boss who died in a car accident after a heart attack. Oddly enough their bosses don’t even come close to comparing to comrade Nick’s(Jason Sudeikis), who after denying Nick the promotion he deserves, threatens to blackball him in the industry if he even thinks about leaving the company!

Desperate to rectify the lost hours and life after working for such menaces, the three friends agree to kill the executives that have caused them so much pain. Jamie Foxx acts as their “murder consultant” who instructs them to kill one-another’s employer but things get hectic from there as the boys find themselves caught in the middle of a homicide they didn’t commit!

How they evade the police, get rid of one boss and get another one jailed while being high on coke shall be revealed when you go see the movie in theaters this July 8th!

Horrible Bosses packs much laughter, sarcasm and dirty jokes to almost rupture a liver. It is cleverly written and thoroughly entertaining from the opening sequence to the ending credits!

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