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Who says the British don’t share a wicked sense of humor?  This past Tuesday, CNN journalist Piers Morgan and Thor star Idris Elba were guests on  BBC Radio 5’s ‘The Daily Bacon’ hosted by Richard Bacon.  Seems Morgan  had a bone to pick with Elba concerning his wife, fellow journalist Celia Walden.

In a previous interview Idris confessed that he thought Morgan’s wife was attractive, not knowing that she was dating him.

No worries though–Morgan was just having fun.  It was all love afterwards as Elba and Morgan went on to chat about American television, and Elba’s upcoming second season of LUTHER (premiering on BBC One Tuesday, June 14th).  Sounds like the start of a beautiful new bromance.

You can find the June 7, 2011 podcast HERE (start at the 4:10 mark)


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