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14-year-old Sukanya Roy popularized the word “cymotrichous” (which means “to have wavy hair”) when she won the 84th Scripps National Spelling Bee contest Thursday.

While children across the country groan about this word that is sure to be included in their teachers’ Vocabulary List when the summer break is over, Metro strongly suggests that you should start learning the word too. Here’s why:

1. Not all of us are cymotrichous.

At the salon, as you ponder about a new hairstyle to sport for your beach vacation, your hair stylist may just drop the word, “Would you like a cymotrichous look? It is very in this season.” Now, if you think that is just another trendy look and take up the suggestion without considering the implications, we can only say that you should have been as hip as your stylist and learnt the word. Not all of us can pull off wavy hair, but all of us can sure avoid a potential cymotrichous disaster.

2. It is a great word for any social setting.

At a party, you see a beautiful lady with wavy hair. This is your chance to impress her! Even if she doesn’t really have curly hair, use it as a conversation-starter. Go on talking about hair and slip in a compliment about how great her hair is. Voila! Thus begins a beautiful, cymotrichous affair!

3. A teenager won $30,000 because of it.

Do you really want to be outdone by a 14-year-old? And by your friends, who would have definitely memorized the word before next week? No, you wouldn’t. So just a take minute and drill these 12 letters into your head. You may not have wavy hair to begin with and think that those who do will have an easier time learning but do not worry, it is going to be a fair fight— we are sure many cymotrichous people do not know the word themselves.

4. We all could use some bragging rights.

No one has to know that “cymotrichous” was never in your dictionary until Sukanya Roy came along. As people around you begin to marvel about Roy’s intelligence, inform them that you knew the word ages ago, and that little Sukanya was so lucky to have that word during the finals. You may lose some friends over this but look at the bright side. By knowing “cymotrichous,” you’ve gained a few more intelligence points — and, in the larger scheme of things, IQ points are more important than a few petty friends, no?

We learn something new every day. Some are all-important and life-changing, while others … not so much. You may think that “cymotrichous” is the latter— that’s fine — but just don’t come crying to us when your summer look is ruined or that your ego is completely obliterated.