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There is nothing more overrated than the importance of socio-economic compatibility. It’s not so much the idea that if someone comes from a different background both socially and financially we can’t get along. It’s the idea that if we come from the same type of social and financial background we automatically will get along; that is outlandish and mildly offensive.

Outlandish because let’s face it, just because our families live on the same street, we were educated in the same schools, vacationed at the same exclusive getaways and resorts doesn’t mean it makes sense for us to walk down the aisle and procreate together. We can have a mutual love for each other based on a lifelong friendship and familiarity, but just because we were in Jack and Jill together doesn’t exactly make us Jack and Jill.

What’s offensive about the idea that two people from the same type of wealth and social background are more right for each other than say two people who come from different wealth and social backgrounds is how it makes any of us look. It’s cool to have discriminatory tastes, but not blindly, not without having tried to venture outside of ones comfort zone and then discovering we don’t like the other side of the tracks. If we can say we’ve been there and we don’t like to visit, that’s fine. At least we tried. But to make such a bold statement without ever having left what is familiar, that’s snobbery at it’s finest. Also, has one ever considered this wild and crazy theory: We evolve.

I consider myself a fairly cultured individual who did not come from the most cultured city. Where I’m from, life is simple, and frankly uneventful, but due to my own curiosity of the world, I took it upon myself to learn more about it. I don’t come from a family who vacationed on the Vineyard, but I certainly do know the difference between a vineyard and the Vineyard, so if a woman who did vacation there every summer wanted to take me, I’d know how to act.

Dating anyone is like signing up for a course to learn about another person and frankly the more of a contrast there is in our backgrounds, the more fascinating we might be about one another. Like I said, I come from a sleepy town most would call boring, but I’d love to take someone who’s never been there before and show them what it’s all about. She may have a bigger house than me, even live in a nicer neighborhood, but hopefully I attach myself to a woman who appreciates learning about a life outside of her own. I know I would. To me, the more different the background, the more fascinating the future.

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By Jozen Cummings

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