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Now if I analyze the members of Whodini separately I’d quickly discover how ummm unique each artist is in their own right.

There was John “Ecstasy” Fletcher, a man who decided to discard every element of his Zorro costume except the hat, which he wore religiously and also wore short shorts during performances. When I think hip-hop, I think short shorts.

There was the legendary DJ Drew “ Grandmaster Dee” Carter who would scratch records with nearly every part of his body. Yeah, I don’t need to elaborate on that any further…use your imagination.

And then there was the odd man out (only because he was the least odd of the group), Whodini lyricist, Jalil Hutchins.

Its almost as if someone picked three random hip-hop artists and threw them together to see what they could make….actually that was more or less what happened:

Formed in the early 1981, Whodini got their start in a less than typical way. It all started when keyboard player Thomas Dolby brought an instrumental track to Jive Records, the track was solid but it needed something. “How about we add some rap to it,” said some random intern at Jive records. “Hey that nameless intern is right! Lets get some rappers”. So Jive got a DJ, and scooped up Jalil and Ecstasy to rap over the track with lyrics about New York City’s John “Mr. Magic Rivas, an infamous hip hop radio personality of the day. The song did okay in New York but blew up oversees….the rest is history.

-Johnny Intern