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This week on “The Howard Stern Show,” comedian Kathy Griffin revealed that she had been getting it in with the sexy man from the Old Spice commercials, a.k.a., Isaiah Mustafa. While she said they had no claims on each other, Griffin made it perfectly clear that the two are lovers … Or at least they WERE.

Shortly after Kathy Griffin’s candid conversation with Howard Stern, Mustafa publicly stated to OK! Magazine, “I am a single man.” About Kathy Griffin he added, “I think she’s amazing. I think she’s a force of nature. She’s on Broadway so if you get a chance go check her out. I just happen to be a single man.”

Kathy also disclosed to Howard Stern that Mustafa has met her mother, which leads us to believe his lips are saying they’re not in a relationship, but his actions are showing they are. Do you think Kathy Griffin and Isaiah Mustafa make a good couple?

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