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How unassuming does the name, Jeffrey Osborne sound? Jeffrey Osborne could be the name of your accountant, your bank teller, your disgruntled mail man, but could Jeffrey Osborne be the name women scream, the name men wish they had, and the name of a legendary funk and R&B artist? Hell yes it could and is.

Of course, there are two Jeffrey Osbornes; the solo sensation and the infamous lead singer of L.T.D.

“L.T.D.? but John, I don’t understand your young hip abbreviations for stuff, I’m an old skooler.”

Aww you guys are too adorable, well L.T.D., or Love, Togetherness, and Devotion, is the American R&B/Funk band that Jeffrey Osborne provided lead vocals for. L.T.D.’s best known song is without a doubt “(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again” released in 1977.

“Wow John, you already seem to know soo much about Jeffrey Osborne and here I am having trouble remembering who he even is. Help me Johnny Intern!”

Don’t worry old heads, I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Just like last week I’ve posted some of music below to refresh your memory about this weeks featured artist…

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