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Have you ever taken soooo much time to do your make-up, trying to get your ‘Beyonce on’ and apply eyeliner, mascara, bronzer AND blush, then go out for the night, take a ton of pictures with your friends and look through the pictures only to find that you look plain faced and without makeup in every one? Well, it happens to me all the time, and always leaves me wondering “how does Bey do it?”

Well, if your looking to step it up this season and go for a more dramatic look, wearing false eyelashes is definitely a trick that will make you stand out amongst the crowd, and look like your actually wearing makeup in your pictures.

If you’ve ever had any trouble applying false eyelashes in the past, we’ve got a simple step process from that will help you channel your inner Kardashian, or Beyonce-whichever you perfer.

1. Gather supplies- false eyelashes, glue, tweezers, q-tips or tissue

2. prep- stay away from caffeine! (coffee before applying eyelashes is never a good idea)

3. take a deep breath and apply

4. look down in the mirror while you apply which will keep the glue from getting in your eyes

5. avoid the false eyelash pitfalls- pay attention to symmerty

6. be sure to choose the right lashes for you

For the detailed list, click here.

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