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There is some EXTREME DRAMA brewing behind the scenes on the VH1 Reality Show Basketball Wives.

According to a person AFFILIATED with the show, there is a GROWING TENSION between basketball wives star/producer Shaunie O’Neal and her co-star Royce (Dwight Howard’s babys mother).

But the source of tension, which we’re told will be “very evident” in this season, will not make it to the air. MediaTakeOut.com’s SNITCH explains, “Shaunie’s boyfriend Marlon was allegedly trying to get with Royce.”

The insider continued, “They would text each other, and Marlon bought her some stuff – including a pair of expensive shoes.” And here’s the kicker, according to our snitch, Marlon may have used SHAUNIE’S MONEY to buy Royce’s gifts. The insider told us, “Where else would he get the money”

Can you say . . . DUH-RAMMMM-MMMMA!!!

Via: MediaTakeout.com

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