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Okay Philly, as Lady B’s intern I’m going to level with you. I know you’ve loved listening to Lady B for a long time; in fact, many of you have been jamming with her since the WHAT days (yeah old skoolers that’s you), but it’s the 21st century and there are more ways to show your love than calling in and giving a shout out. There’s this crazy thing called the internet folks, and it’s not just for porn, facebook, email, and youtube. It’s a writable history book that we can fill with things that we actually care about…this is where you come in Old Skoolers. I take over 30 calls per show from loyal listeners who know Lady B’s entire hip-hop history better than I do, but do me a favor: right click on: www.wikipedia.org, click on “open link in new window”, type “Lady B” in the search bar, and read. Don’t worry, Ill wait…

Back so soon? Pitiful right? Its not even a complete paragraph folks. I’m urging the loyal listeners, the old heads with history in Philly to build on Lady B’s Wikipedia page…I promise its not as hard as you think it is, heck I’ll even posted a video below teaching you how to do it. The woman is a Philly legend folks; shes the Queen of Hip-Hop that gives you the old skoole hits you love; please give her the recognition she deserves. Hail to the Queen!

-Johnny Intern

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